Ethics of employee relations

Discuss the following within a word limit of 600 words:

Morale is sinking over rumors that high-technology assets, systems, and procedures could displace some positions in the company. A couple of employees have been talking to other employees about trying to bring in a union to protect their jobs. Loyal employees are torn and distressed, and younger generation employees seem excited about it. Smith's very concerned because the company has managed to stay union-free since the company was started. A union takeover could really affect the company's future plans and throw it into chaos. Smith wants management to be prepared in case activity ultimately starts up.

Prepare a 500- 600 word Labor Relations Guide for Management on unionization as it would apply to the company. It should be written in the third person voice.

Discuss the following topics:
a. Ethics of Employee Relations

b. Unions and the Law

Use headings to appropriately signal the topics and keep your document organized.

Use a minimum of 3 in-text citation sources within the report and follow APA format

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Other Management: Ethics of employee relations
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