Ethical decision making framework

Review "managing business ethics" by Linda k.trevino

Create a 4 to 5 page analysis of the Ford Pinto Fires you must:

Apply the 8-Steps To Sound Ethical Decision Making framework to the case

A reflection of how this event, and its aftermath, can help you improve your ethical decision making skills

Your paper should be written using APA style.

You should :

1. Identify the relevant facts.

2. Define the pertinent ethical issues and points of ethical conflict based on the content .

3. Identify the relevant affected parties (the stakeholders).

4. Examine the possible consequences of alternative courses of action.

5. Identify relevant obligations.

6. Identify what are/were some possible courses of action

7. Identify the relevant community standards that would guide you if you were a member of the management team and had to make a decision. Based on the analysis done above, what would you do?

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