Elements of organizational planning

Discuss the following:

1. Surf Shop Comparison

Access the web sites of Ron Jon Surf Shop (http://www.ronjonsurfshop.com/) and Hilo Hattie (http://www.hilohattie.com/aloha/). Explain how the two companies are similar and how they are different. Can you find elements of organizational planning, organizing, staffing, leading, and control in their web content? Provide specific examples. Respond substantively to two other learners.

2. Company Evaluation

Select one of the companies below and conduct some basic research.

British Petroleum (BP)



Dunkin' Donuts


State what you believe is the distinctive competence and core competence of your selected company.

Give an example of how the values and mission statement help to shape planning. Also give some internal and external factors that may influence the business in the future and explain how they will influence the business. Respond substantively to two other learners

Complete a SWOT Analysis for your selected organization; applying each of the categories in evaluating the company.

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Other Management: Elements of organizational planning
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