Electronic medical record-code standardization

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BUSI 304- 300-500 words, 2 scholarly sources, 1 biblical, and APA format. Professors states credible sources like .edu, .gov, and .org should be used when using external sites.

Read "Case 5: Key Features of the ACA by Year" on page 143 of the course textbook and respond to the following questions: What do you think was behind the phasing in of the various provisions of the Affordable Care Act? Would you have phased them in differently?

INFO 300- 500 words, 1 scholarly source, APA format, thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, comparing/contrasting concepts), an integration of biblical principles and clarity brought to issues being discussed.

Topic: Electronic medical record (EMR) implementation, code standardization

Question/Prompt: After reading the case study ("A Problem of Display Codes" by Timothy B. Patrick on p. 35 of the Brown et al. text), what is the problem that needs to be addressed? If applicable, how would you define the problem differently? What do you think is the correct solution and why?

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Other Management: Electronic medical record-code standardization
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