Effects of those wrong deeds on financial positions

Company Name BHP Billiton - Report (2000-2200) words


Approach of research study

  • What they have done wrong which results in the crisis
  • Issues in sustainability report
  • Issues in what they claim of doing but they are not doing
  • Problems identified by any other independent unions

Note: add screenshots of showing issues and reference them.

Effects of those wrong deeds on financial positions. Financial effects, effects on share prices, effects on other organizations

What the management of BHP Billiton have done to overcome.



Outline for Video (5-6 minutes)

Instructions for video

(Eye Catching animation. In front issues must be displayed and explanation in background voice

Introduction of company (30 seconds)

First describe the issues

Relate issues of company with accounting theories (Accounting theory perspective,CSR Theory, political economic theory, legitimacy theory, stakeholder theory, institutional theory, social and environmental factors, ethics,)

Explain the issues in detail

What management have done to overcome issues?


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Accounting Basics: Effects of those wrong deeds on financial positions
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