Economic foundation for hometown

Problem: Suppose that the hypothetical company Children Wear Industries has long been the economic foundation for its hometown. Most of the area's small businesses and schools support Children Wear, either by supplying the materials needed for production or by training its employees Children Wear has learned that if it were to move its production facilities to Asia, it could increase its profits by 25 percent. Closing operations in the company's hometown would cause many of the town's other businesses to fall and schools to close, leaving a great percentage of the town unemployed, with no options for reemployment there. As a top manager at Children Wear, you must help decide whether the plant should be moved and, if so, when to tell the employees about the move. The law says that you must tell them at least 60 days before closing.

What alternatives we have?

What are the consequences of each?

Which will be the best one?

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Other Management: Economic foundation for hometown
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