Economic evaluation of health promotion interventions

Introduction to Economic Evaluation of Health Promotion Interventions:

Critical evaluation of published cost-effectiveness studies.

This final homework assignment will give students practice critically appraising the assumptions and limitations of current practice of economic evaluation of public health programs and policies. As this is an introductory course being able to critically appraise published literature is one of the core skills that students should gain from this course. As such, it is listed as one of the four learning objectives of the course. This assignment should be viewed as a summative assessment of the broad conceptual framework of economic evaluation that you have gained during the semester. Please review the content in unit nine before completing this assignment in its entirety. Please also use Annex 9.1 (which is on page 345) in the fourth edition of the Drummond textbook.

Students will remain working with their assigned case studies during this assignment.

Note that this differs from the assignment listed in the syllabus as we have aligned this critique with the overall case based approach to your homework assignments throughout the semester. Instead of evaluating one of the seven modeled policies in the assigned reading, you will be evaluating an article selected specific to your case.

Students assigned to the HPV case will critically appraise the following article:

Jit, M., Brisson, M., Portnoy, A., &Hutubessy, R. (2014). Cost-effectiveness of female human papillomavirus vaccination in 179 countries: a PRIME modelling study. The Lancet Global health, 2(7), e406-e414.

Students assigned to the anorexia screening case will critically appraise the following article:

Wright, D. R., Austin, S. B., LeAnn Noh, H., Jiang, Y., &Sonneville, K. R. (2014). The cost-effectiveness of school-based eating disorder screening. If American journal of public health, 104(9), 1774-1782.

Please consult with the GW library and if you are unable to locate either of these articles.


Students will work individually and will submit a critique of the overall model assumptions and evidence from their assigned reading. The critique includes completion of the checklist in Annex 9.1 in Drummond (2015). Students will need in their case groups to review their independent work and will then present to the rest of the class. Although we will be reviewing draft work of this and other assignments during the live sessions please review the section of your syllabus on academic integrity, with particular focus on plagiarism related to your peers' work.


• 1,000 word essay aligned with the Drummond checklist critiquing the quality of the assigned article

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Microeconomics: Economic evaluation of health promotion interventions
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