Each of your paragraphs must have evidence and proof

"Othello" Literary Essay Topics- 5 pages MLA style  


-You will need to do a close, critical reading of the text, research critical, credible secondary resources, and include at least two reliable outside sources in your Works Cited page.

  • -Follow a formal essay structure: introduction (thesis at the end of the first paragraph), 4 body paragraphs and conclusion. The number of paragraphs should depend on the number of arguments you have. The paper should go 5 pages, in MLA format. Please write an outline first!!

 -Each of your paragraphs must have evidence and proof from Othello. You should have credible, secondary research to support the argument further. There is a minimum of two secondary sources used throughout the essay as support. Any information that you research must be quoted and cited following MLA guidelines. Plagiarism check! 

 -You must make sure that you write with clear and fluent sentences that effectively follow the rules of grammar, punctuation, and usage.

Including below questions in the essay. 

1. Examine the use of animal imagery in Othello, beginning with Iago's speeches in the first scene of the play. Start by locating as many references to animals throughout the play as you can. What patterns do you find? How does the animal imagery contribute to the fall of Othello in the play?

2. Explore the issue of racism in Othello and relate it to the problems of racial hatred in Elizabethan England.

3. "Othello is a tragedy of incomprehension, not at the level of intrigue but at the deepest level of human dealings. No one in Othello comes to understand himself or anyone else." (Nick Potter) Agree or disagree. Explain.

4. It has been argued that Othello is accessible to us today because of the issues of racism, love, betrayal, and jealousy. Pick one and explain why Othello is accessible to us. Be careful, and be sure to talk about the play.

5. Discuss prejudice in Othello. What points do you think Shakespeare was attempting to make?

6. Why does Othello marry Desdemona? Why does she marry him? Was the destruction of the marriage inevitable or was Iago's malice necessary?

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