Dragons den entrepreneurship


Dragons' Den Entrepreneurship

For this assignment you must watch a recent (from season 10) episode of Dragons' Den. This show airs on regular TV on CBC Wednesdays at 8 pm but you can watch previous episodes on the CBC website (http://www.cbc.ca/dragonsden/) or YouTube.

After watching a full episode of season 10, you must choose one of the episode's segments, and answer the following questions.

1) Tell me about the product/idea that is being pitched (promoted) and where the entrepreneur got the idea of his/her product.

2) Do you think this idea will work as a business? Why or why not?

3) Did the Dragons agree or disagree with you? Explain your answer.

4) Review the types of financing for small businesses/new ventures. How has the entrepreneur financed the business to date? What type of financing do the Dragons represent?

5) What is an entrepreneur? In your opinion which Dragon best fits the definition of what an entrepreneur is?

6) Describe 2 ways how technology affects this business (read supplement 3 on technology).






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