Does ron mantis request constitute reasonable accommodation

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1. Before his automobile accident. Ron Marin had been the most senior security guard at Southeastern Electric Company's "Big Bend- Plant to nuclear-powered electricity-generation facility). Federal laws governing the operation of facilities such as the Big Bend Plant make security an important issue. In a word, security at the Big Bend Plant is "tight: Ron Malin's colleagues patrol carefully square t r), squart inch of the rugged terrain that makes up the plant's property. which is heavily wooded and swampy. Ron Marin recently returned to work atter a long period of healing and physical rehabilitation. but he can now walk for only limited peritkls of time and then only with a special walker. The company has ()tiered Mat-in tlw job of dispatcher at the same salary he earned as the senior security guard. but Marin is adamant. tie wants his old job back. "l'm an outdoors type. I don't want a desk job," was Marins response to the offer of the dispatcher position. Ile wants the company to purchase a specially designed four-wheeler he can use to make his rounds. But even with such a vehicle, about 25 percent of the patrolling area would still be inaccessible to mann.

• Does Ron Mantis request constitute "reasonable accommodations'? Why or why tiot?

• If you were Marin's supervisor. how would you handle his request? ABC Company uses the concept of the self-directed workforce to promote safety. PmninveeS are responsible for developing safety standards

2. You are the most senior supervisor at Gulf Coast Electrical Power Company. Each year for the past five years your company's accident rate has increased markedly. The company has no written health and safety philosophy statement, no principles, no education and training, and only haphazard record keeping. You have been asked to chair a committee of workers, supervisors, and higher level managers to recom-mend what the company should do to stem the increasing flow of accidents. For-mulate the recommendations you will make to your committee.

3. You have been selected to chair a committee of employees that will be responsible for developing health and safety training goals and objectives for the organization. Select any type of organization and develop a comprehensive set of training goals and objectives for that organization in the area of health and safety.

4. A serious accident has occurred in your unit and you did not witness it. However, as the supervisor, you are required to write an accident report. Develop an accident report that meets all the criteria of a well-written report. You may create the circum-
stances of the accident.

5. You are the shift supervisor in a plastics recycling plant. One of your employees approaches you at the shift change and asks to speak with you in private. The employee tells you confidentially that he has just tested positive for AIDS. How should ou handle this?

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