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  Document displaying information  

Array Homework:

Question 1: Create a Document that displays information about cars. First, create a select with an id="make". It will not have any makes in the options until the page finishing loading. When the page is loaded, have at least 5 manufacturer names you like in that list. When the user selects a make, you will take their selection and create a new select element with an id="model". Populate another select box with all the models of that make.

When the user selects a model, you will display all the information you have coded in your models array. You can use multi-dimensional arrays if you want, or you may just have several array defined for each model. Have a button that resets the page back to its start (no select boxes but the first one: makes).

1851_car detail service.jpg

Question 2: Create a Document that show information about albums.

First create a paragraph or two about the purpose of the page and your interests in music: genres, styles, etc.

Next have a select element with an id="albums" As soon as the user selects an album title or name, you will display:

  • The name of the ablum
  • When released
  • A brief review of album
  • An image of the album

315_information about albums.jpg

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