Diversity in the workplace and respect to workers

Case Study:

Southwest Indiana chamber is located in the downtown of Evansville. The company main vison is to improve the region in many different ways, growing the business opportunity in the area and make it a better place for investments and a better place for living. They also want to make the region a competitive place to work and have diversity in businesses and help the community.

My first impression of Southwest Indiana Chamber that they like to have diversity in the workplace and respect their workers. They are trying to make the city of Evansville a better place by helping local businesses to develop. The company treats their clients with care and makes them feel important. The manager of the engagement team who most of my work will be to assist him, he is a graduate from the University of

Evansville and that makes you feel like you are at home.

My position is to support the member engagement team with research, data gathering, and analysis to improve the understanding of the mission, and the activities of Member Engagementand the Southwest Indiana Chamber .Also conduct comprehensive research and analysis for members who are interested in Southwest Indiana Chamber. Collect data on individuals and companies who are a member of the Chamber
Interact with people and networking with them because that will help me personally and help the company. Meeting withthe Chamber leadership and community representatives. Set up meeting with the clients.

The skills that should be required to complete the job perfectly is to have the skills needed to use Microsoft Excel to enter the data and analyse it. Using the internet to research about the clients and insure you have all the informison needed about them comuniction skills to commucticate with the client to try to have a good relationship with them

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Business Management: Diversity in the workplace and respect to workers
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