Distinguish between variety and assortment

1. Distinguish between variety and assortment. Why are these important elements of retail market structure?

2. The same brand and model of tablet is sold by specialty computer stores, discount stores, category specialists, online retailers and warehouse stores. Why would a customer choose one retail format over the others?

3. Choose a product category that both you and your parents purchase (e.g., business clothing, casual clothing, music, electronic equipment, shampoo). In which type of store do you typically purchase this merchandise? What about your parents? Explain why there is (and is not) a difference in your store choices.

4. There are services and products involved when buying or renting a car, and in both cases, the customer drives away in a car. But buying a car focuses more on the product, whereas renting involves the service. Explain four ways in which marketing for a rental car company differs from marketing for an automobile dealership.

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Marketing Management: Distinguish between variety and assortment
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