Discussion of different types of entrepreneurial ventures

Write a report on Entrepreneurship and Small Business Management (ESBM)

- Discussion of different types of entrepreneurial ventures and explanation about the ways those relate to the typology of entrepreneurship

- Exploration of the similarities and differences between Entrepreneurial ventures

- Investigating diverse range of entrepreneurial ventures to demonstrate an understanding of entrepreneurship in both public and corporate sector

- Critically examine the scope, development and growth of entrepreneurial ventures

- Interpretation and assessment of relevant data and statistics to illustrate the ways micro and small businesses impact on the economy

- Explanation of the importance and business start-ups to the growth of the social economy

Evaluation of the differences make by small, medium and large businesses to the UK's economy through relevant published data and statistics

- Critically examine the ways small businesses have an impact on different levels of the economy in a global, regional, national and international context

- Determination of the characteristic traits and skills of successful entrepreneurs that differentiates from other business managers

- Assessment of the ways aspects of the entrepreneurial personality reflect entrepreneurial motivation and mindset

- Exploring and examine different lines of argument relating to entrepreneurial characteristics

- Analysing the characteristic skills, traits and motivational drivers of at least two successful entrepreneurs with example

- Demonstration by examples about the ways personal background and experience can hinder or foster entrepreneurship

- Analysing the link between entrepreneurial characteristic and the influence of personal background and experience to specific successful entrepreneurs

- Critically evaluating the ways background and experience influences entrepreneurship both positively and negatively by comparing and contrasting examples.

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Dissertation: Discussion of different types of entrepreneurial ventures
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