Discuss the various laws that were broken


1.List/identify and discuss the various laws that were broken. Identify and discuss ENRON's internal process of "Yank and Rank." What is meant by the term "cooking the books?"

2). List/identify and discuss the various ethical issues that would/could come into play. Identify and discuss the "accounting process" approved by the accounting firm of Arthur Anderson for ENRON's use.

3). Who were the real (actual) culprits in the Enron Debacle? .... the banking investors? ..... accountants? ...... lawyers? .... others? .... All? . One or Only a few? Were some of those identified more culprits than others? List/Identify - Discuss why and why not?].

4). If you were being paid One Million Dollars a week, what would your thoughts be in terms of decision-making, ethical administration of a business and power? Why? Why not?

5). Who were the real victims and why. What laws were created to helps prevent these types of wrongs exercised by unethically practiced businesses?

6). Research and discuss where Jeff Skilling, Andy Fastow and "Kenny Boy" (Kenneth Lay) are now. Who actually realized (and received) the best financial deal from ENRON, why and was/is it fair in light of all that transpired from ENRON?

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Other Management: Discuss the various laws that were broken
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