Discuss the situation from a moral and ethical viewpoint


Below is a situation that presents ethical questions in a business. Discuss the situation

(a) from the strictly legal viewpoint

(b) from a moral and ethical viewpoint, and

(c) from the point of view of what is best in the long run for the company.

Be sure to consider both short- and long-term consequences. You are the general manager of a regional chemical company. In the course of producing your bulk chemicals, large amounts of particles and smoke are emitted through your plant's smokestack. The level of pollutants is below current EPA regulations, and you are violating no laws, but neighborhood groups are complaining about minor health problems caused by the smoke. After investigating numerous alternatives, you find the most effective solution would be to install a "scrubber" system, which will remove 90% of the pollutants and ash. Cost: $1 million. Do you install the system?

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Business Law and Ethics: Discuss the situation from a moral and ethical viewpoint
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