Discuss the relationship of humanities and your field


Discussion: The Relationship of Humanities and Your Field

This course began by pointing out connections between the humanities and your professional career. Beyond the connections you have begun to see for yourself, more and more sources are pointing out how the humanities support efforts in other fields. Even though you are majoring in a degree focused on your career field, there are ways in which your study of other subjects will add value to you as a potential employee.

Choose one of the following articles about how the humanities relate to a field in your college, or find a related article to discuss. Include the following in your discussion:

1. Provide an APA reference entry to identify the article you chose.

2. Summarize the article in your own words.

3. What did you learn from the article about how the humanities relates to your field of study or future career?

4. Discuss one way the humanities and/or the information from this article may be useful to you as you develop your career.

As you respond to your classmates, do you see any additional thoughts or opportunities that they may have missed in their discussion of the article? Be sure to read the article your classmate chose before responding.

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Other Management: Discuss the relationship of humanities and your field
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