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Socrates is considered by many to be the paragon philosopher. His attempts to challenge those around him through asking critical questions that helped to expose how we hold on to, at times irrational, beliefs made him an enemy to the Greek establishment, who ultimately successfully brought charges of impiety and corruption of the youth against him. His conviction led to his death... Now it's your turn to be "Socrates for a Day." We've seen a brief video that discusses how Socrates challenged those around him. For this assignment, I want to you do the following: Find three random strangers (at least one of whom is not from the UALR campus) and ask them the following questions:

a) What is the meaning of life?

b) What do you think justice is?

c) What do you think the good life is?

d) Why do you believe how you believe? In your paper, I want you to describe how you chose your subject, give a description of your subject, and record their answers to these questions.

Likewise, I want you to write about your own reactions to approaching these strangers and what reflections you have on how you might answer if you were asked these questions by a stranger...

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Business Law and Ethics: Discuss the paragon philosopher
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