Discuss the new changes to ar 670-1



Persuasive essay written in APA 7 format. The paper is to discuss the new changes to AR 670-1. Are the new changes for the Army professional or not? Are you for it or against it? Do we need it or not? Paper must start with a thesis statement. Introduction needs to be specific and powerful with factual proof.

Paper must be at least 4 pages minimum but no more than 5 pages, not including Title page, Abstract Page, and Reference Page. A minimum of 3 references needed. Please use AR 670-1 as one of the main references.

Paper should discuss the new changes that has been made in AR 670-1. Why do you agree with all of the new changes? Be specific with each change on why you agree with them and think that they are professiona. How has it positively affected Soldiers in the Army?

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Essay Writing: Discuss the new changes to ar 670-1
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