Discuss the indirect method for jones soda

Selected data derived from the income statement and balance sheet of Jones Soda Co. for a recent year are as follows:

Income statement data (in thousands):

  • Net earnings $ (10,547)
  • Losses on inventory write-down and fixed assets 2,248
  • Depreciation expense 811
  • Stock based compensation expense (noncash) 727

Balance Sheet data (in thousands):

  • Decrease in Accounts Receivable 364
  • Decrease in inventory 210
  • Decrease in prepaid expenses 206
  • Decrease in accounts payable (165)
  • Decrease in accrued liabilities (1,117)

Prepare the Cash Flows from Operating activities section of the statement of cash flows using the indirect method for Jones Soda Co. for the year.

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Accounting Basics: Discuss the indirect method for jones soda
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