Discuss the impact get tough laws have on corrections


Respond to the following: Answer the discussion(X2). Include at least 1 reference.

A good response to a written question should combine your personal experiences with theory to support your work. Be thoughtful and insightful and it must demonstrate critical thinking and analysis. A good response to the question should be about 3-4 paragraphs, and address all of the issues that are raised. (Introduction, body and conclusion.) Thank you. When answering discussion questions use an example in your answer. These examples can be from your own experience or from something you've read in the news, on the internet, or from any other credible source

Public Punishment

1. Give examples of how public punishment has been used as a deterrent to criminal activity since the early beginnings of society.

Get Tough Laws

2. Discuss the impact "get tough" laws have on corrections. Describe the pros and cons of rehabilitative ideology and preventive ideology? Which ideology do you think is most effective in reducing recidivism? Why?

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Business Law and Ethics: Discuss the impact get tough laws have on corrections
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