Discuss the human traits of a project manager


Every one is different, so too are project managers. Each has their own style and personality. The 'human' traits of a project manager are most apparent during the monitoring and controlling phase of the project. The project manager's main role during this time is to keep the team moving toward the final goal of achieving the project's results.

The end of the project is 1 month away. Give a brief (1-3 sentences) answer to how you would respond to each of the following situations:

(1) Your project team is doing well. They are meeting the deadlines and the project looks like it will be successful.

(2) Your project has been difficult, and at this point, you know you won't meet the deadlines. Your team is getting nervous about that.

(3) Your project is on the borderline between successfully meeting the deadline and not doing so. You believe a little more effort will get you there, but people are tired.

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Other Management: Discuss the human traits of a project manager
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