Discuss the factors that affect employee motivation

Answer the following within a word limit of 200 words each:

Q1: HR planning must be focused on helping the organization achieve its strategic intent, which derives from its vision. These strategies need to both service the short-term, operational concerns (business planning) and the slightly longer-term strategic (business/corporate planning) cycle.  Select a company you are familiar with and detail one short-term and one longer-term strategy, and then discuss how the role of human resources can provide valuable advice and counsel in the achievement of those strategies.

Q2: Recruitment is of little use if an organization cannot retain key employees.  Therefore, it is critical that organizations properly motivate and reward their employees.  Discuss the factors that affect employee motivation and how a proper reward system can affect an employee’s motivation. Explore the recommended articles for this week for ideas in responding to this discussion

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Other Management: Discuss the factors that affect employee motivation
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