Discuss the elements of consumer behavior


Prepare a 1-2 page paper in which you discuss the elements of consumer behavior, segmenting your target and using Internet marketing strategies to target the right consumer segment. You will also discuss the importance of customer relationship management and how you will use it in your Internet marketing plan. Ensure that your paper addresses the following: Describe the product or business. Identify and describe the target market of your campaign (Who are you selling to? Be specific. You may update this depending on any new information). Is multi-segment targeting of the audience important to your Internet Marketing Campaign? Why? Examine the impact of purchasing trends on consumer behavior (e.g. globalization, cultural changes, and technology) and how these trends will affect the online marketing of the selected product or service. Describe what website strategies you will use to build strategic relationships with your customers. How will you use consumer relationship marketing to gain loyalty from your target? What is the goal? (Make it measurable). What marketing strategy will you use? (Niche, mass, etc.) Why?

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Operation Management: Discuss the elements of consumer behavior
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