Discuss the daubert standard-impact on scientific evidence


1. Discuss the Daubert Standard and its impact on scientific evidence.

2. How can a forensic expert prepare for Voir Dire (qualifying an expert) and subsequent testimony?


Original responses to the Forum questions each need to be substantial (350 words) and significantly supported two scholarly references. Students must also use proper spelling, grammar, and sentence structure. The in-text citations and references will be in APA Format.


Faigman, D. L., Slobogin, C., & Monahan, J. (2016). Gatekeeping science: Using the structure of scientific research to distinguish between admissibility and weight in expert testimony. Northwestern University Law Review, 110(4), 859-904.

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Zimmerman, R. L. (2011). 10 best of good laboratory practices for forensic facilities: A key to satisfying Daubert's gatekeeper and rule 702. Forensic Science Policy & Management, 2(4), 187-197.

Supplemental Reading:

Frye v. United States, 293 Fed. 1013 (1923).

Watkins, H. (1994). Daubert v. Merrell Dow Pharmaceuticals, Inc.: General acceptance rejected. Santa Clara High Technology Law Journal, 10(1), 259-265.

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Business Law and Ethics: Discuss the daubert standard-impact on scientific evidence
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