Discuss statement on the integration of faith and work


Q1: Respond to the following scenario:

You discover that one of your students' parents has passed away suddenly. This parent was an active member in the school and a volunteer in the classroom. Most of the students knew this parent.

How will you address this situation in your classroom? What resources are available to students who are affected by this traumatic event?

Q2: Consider GCU's Statement on the Integration of Faith and Work, which states, "Therefore, we have resolved to carry out our work within the public arena with compassion, justice, and concern for the common good," as you respond to the following scenario:

You have a new student in your class that started in the middle of the year. You notice that the student is being bullied during recess.

How will you address your class? What strategies can you use to minimize bullying in your class? How can you approach this from a Christian worldview perspective in order to create a safe and positive learning environment?

200 Words each.

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Business Law and Ethics: Discuss statement on the integration of faith and work
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