Discuss possible strategies to avoid cultural blunders


International management is significantly influenced by cultural and institutional differences between home and host countries. International managers should have a better understanding of such differences, and know how to address and capitalise on the differences. Assume that an expatriate manager coming from home countries (USA) will be sent to work in host countries (India).

1) identify some major cultural and institutional differences between the two countries, and analyse how such differences would affect managerial practices such as human resource management, communication, and motivation, and the like.

2) Discuss possible strategies or suggestions for the expatriate manager to avoid cultural blunders and capitalise on such differences.
This task should analyses real international management issues and apply knowledge to practice. You are required to utilise relevant theories and research to support your analysis, it should be written as an essay (3000 words)

Essay Structure

Introduction: outlines the line of argument and explains how the essay is structured. (350 words)
Analysis: This section will constitute the bulk of the writing and you may use sub-headings within this section to help organise the argument. (2300 words)

Conclusion: write a paragraph which draws out the conclusions you are making, and any particular recommendations you might suggest. (350 words)

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Microeconomics: Discuss possible strategies to avoid cultural blunders
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