Discuss organizational design

Discuss the below in a 1000 words:

Organizational Design, Structure, and Development

1. What are the differences between mechanistic and organic organizational structures?
1. Explain the difference between centralization and decentralization authority. 150 words

2. Explain the reasons and benefits for an organizational redesign?
3.  If an organization has a functional organizational structure, when would they consider moving to a complex structure and why? 

4. Choose a position in an organization and discuss their organizational role.
(Managing Complex Organizational Design and Structural Challenges)

Develop a  5-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation with speaker notes that outlines the pros and cons in moving from a functional to a complex organizational structure.

Identify one organization and its design.

Recommend whether moving from a functional to a complex structure is appropriate.

Utilize at least three peer-reviewed articles.

You must Format your speaker notes and presentation consistent with APA guideline

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