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The first strength is one stop shopping. Target Corporation stores contain a lot of products from groceries, electronics, household's stuff, cloths and a lot of other things. Due to this, the customer can go into Target and walk out without having to stop at another store. Second, Target has such a high customer satisfaction. It means that Target is doing a great job in making their customer happy. It means a lot when you are trying to compete with other company to get customers. We rate high customer satisfaction as Target major strength because customer satisfaction is a getaway to earn loyalty. Loyalty is a belief that was formed when a customer encountered a good experience from your product/service. Making sure that a client is satisfied in every interaction is a process that leads to loyalty later on. You also must keep customers satisfied to maintain their loyalty. Once loyalty has been earned, it's important not to slack off because these are clients that can give you insights for improvement.

More importantly, they are the best candidates for becoming your ambassadors, and those who'll keep coming back to buy from you during their lifetime-as long as you keep them satisfied. It is also cheaper to keep your current customer than trying to get a new customer because we don't have to spend money to advertise our brand to attract the new customer. High customer satisfaction also reduce negative word of mouth. Negative word of mouth can be make your company bankrupt/give your company a bad reputation, especially in today's connected and digital world. It's so much easier to spread negative reviews on various platforms of social media. The last strength is the Target Redcard/Debit card. Target debit card offer free shipping on any purchase even a $2 toothpaste. There is also no credit check on target debit card. An additional 5% savings can also be combined with sales, clearances and other promotions.

Target also have a lot of weaknesses. The first weakness is the past legal cases that affected their brand image. Target has a practice of parading workers through stores in handcuffs to discourage theft and other infractions called walk of shame. For example, on 2014, a former Target cashier took his own life after being forced to take part in a "walk of shame" after being wrongfully accused of theft. The store security and the police handcuffed him and then led him in front of registers and past guest services to an office within the store as part of a "walk of shame." Many people don't want to do business with a company that's been having a lawsuit with their former employee or customer especially when it leads to somebody death. Most people don't want to be associated with that. I don't know anything about this case before but now I know, I have a bad impression on Target. The second weakness which also Target major weakness is low global presence. Target have such a low global presence. Target only focus in America which means, Target don't have any access to new customers. Low global presence also means higher business Risk
Don't put all of your eggs in one basket. It is dangerous for a firm to operate in only one country. If a firm is completely dependent on one country which is what Target is doing now, negative things that happen in that country could ruin the firm. Just like spreading one's eggs into multiple baskets reduces the chances that all eggs will be broken, business risk is reduced when a firm is involved in multiple countries.

for example, natural disasters such as the earthquakes and tsunami that hit Japan in 2011. If Japanese automakers such as Toyota, Nissan, and Honda sold cars only in their home country, the financial consequences could have been grave. And lastly Target have such a high employee turnover rate. Even though Target employees are having a better time than Walmart but target still need a lot of improvement. Target has a high employee turnover rate. For the most part, high turnover in Target is related to employee dissatisfaction with the job. Some specific reasons might include, poor working conditions, long hours, not enough benefits or a negative atmosphere, especially from authority figures. High turnover is financially costly to the business because it needs to spend time and resources filling the position and training the new employee. In addition, high turnover can lower employee morale and cause a flood of people leaving because they see their peers doing the same thing. High turnover can also make the remaining employees more stressed out because they have to fill in the gaps until a new employee is hired and trained.

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