Discuss leadership and motivation

Case study:

Format Requirement:

1. The paper should be 7 pages minimum of content.

2. You must include a Reference page in APA format along with in text citations throughout the paper.

3. Minimum of 6 referred or peer-reviewed journals must be used in your references list.  You can find these through the online library.

4. Margins should be 1 inch and font should be size 12; either Times New Roman or Arial.
Guidelines for the Paper Overview

You have acquired a vast knowledge about multiple topics relevant to managers and cross-cultural management. You will apply your learning by analyzing "Mahindra and Mahindra (B): An Emerging Global Giant?".
The end product is a paper that includes a comprehensive analysis of the organization and includes the concepts that you have learned from the text and outside resources. You must include citations in text and a reference page (APA format).

Answer the following qusetions:

Q1: Provide a cultural profile of the company and it's historical background

Q2: Discuss the communication issues as they move into emerging markets such as the United States

Q3: Discuss the staffing policies and HR challenges that will be used

Q4: Discuss leadership and motivation.

Q5: Explain issues of concern that should be addressed

Q6: Describe the organizational structure and changes necessary to facilitate expansion

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Other Management: Discuss leadership and motivation
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