Discuss how you will align your disc relational style


After readings, and available presentations, lecture notes, articles, and/or web-engagements, identify and discuss essential elements and techniques for building rapport with a specific careseeker from our case study-Crossroads: A Story of Forgiveness (i.e., Bruce, Joshua, Brody, Justin, or Melissa).

• Identify and describe Phase One distinctives: purpose, goal, chief aim, role/responsibility,

• Briefly discuss how you will align your DISC relational style to match the careseeker's style. Identify careseeker's behavioral position (i.e., attending, blaming, or willing) and how this might influence relational alignment.

• Discuss the challenges you might face in actively listening without judgment and in checking any advice giving tendencies or excessive self-disclosure. What insights and/or techniques will resource these challenges?

• Identify and describe a marker that indicates you have been invited into the careseeker's story?

• After receiving the invitation to enter the careseeker's world, what portrait, definition(s), key thought(s), and/or assessment insight do you need to consider during the supportive feedback break, before making a commitment to counsel (review Clinton & Hawkins, 2009, p. 10)?

After reviewing intake information and getting the careseeker's present story, how will you know whether or not a referral is needed? Though counseling will continue for the sake of this learning experience, choose at least one scenario from Johnson & Johnson to illustrate your role/responsibility in the event a referral is needed. The selected scenario does not have to align with this case study; its value is for assessing your understanding of a referral networking.

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Other Subject: Discuss how you will align your disc relational style
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