Discuss employment law & affirmative action

Discuss the following within a word limit of 900 words:

Case Review: Employment Law & Affirmative Action

You will continue your pursuit of understanding your issue, this time by reviewing three actual legal cases dealing with the issue you selected. Although you may choose any cases you like which are relevant to your issue, it would be prudent to choose cases that are as recent as possible, and of a fairly consequential nature. For this reason, you should choose cases litigated in the federal court system, unless there is a compelling reason for an alternative. If you're looking for cases that set precedents (i.e. "landmark" cases) you might consider looking to the legislative history of any relevant laws (e.g. if you're discussing and ADA issue, you may find case references in the ADA legislative history).

Once you identify three cases, report on the following for each one:
1. Who were the parties to the lawsuit? How were they related?

2. What was the nature of the issue in the suit? Was it identical to the issue you chose in Week 1? If not, how is it related and relevant?

3. How was the issue decided and why?

4. What precedent (if any) did the case set for future litigation?

5. Did the case leave any questions unanswered with respect to the issue at hand?

It must be in APA format including a properly formatted cover page (abstracts are optional) and a reference page with at least 4 references. Providing additional references to your assignments demonstrate your desire to conduct additional research on the topic area, and can improve your research skills.

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Other Management: Discuss employment law & affirmative action
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