Discuss about the question given belowdavid enters into a

Q1: Michelle contracts to buy six cases of vintage Fertile Valley wine from Grapes & Vines Winery for $1,200. The contract states that delivery is to be made at Michelle's residence "on or before May 1, to be used for daughter's wedding reception on May 2." On May 1, Grapes &Vines's delivery van is involved in an accident, and no wine is delivered that day. On the morning of May 2, Michelle buys the wine from Happy Hill Winery. That afternoon, just before the reception, Grapes & Vines tenders delivery of the wine at Michelle's residence. Michelle refuses tender. Grapes & Vines sues Michelle for breach of contract. How is the court most likely to rule? Why?

Q2: David enters into a contract to buy 440 acres from Hollis to expand David's ranch. Hollis breaches the contract. David's normal remedy is (Indicate your choice and offer 1-2 sentences to explain your choice):

a: damages

b. reformation

c. rescission

d. specific performance

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Business Law and Ethics: Discuss about the question given belowdavid enters into a
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