Discuss about effective classroom management strategies


Exploring Teaching & Learning

Please provide a thoughtful, well-supported response to the three questions below:

1. Guided discovery continues to be a primary means of engaging learners. Which educational philosophies or branches of philosophies can you correlate to the five types of guidance in Guided Discovery outlined in the table on pg. 83?

2. What are the benefits of evidence-based instructional principles? Are there any connections to the ongoing focus on data-driven decision making?

3. Is collaborative learning applicable to current curricula demands?

Answer ONE of the following questions using the relevant documents in the Unit 8 content area and the videos below.

Question 1. A University of Georgia Student wrote an op-ed commemorating the end of Belgian colonial rule in Congo by arguing that contrary to all the negatives assessment of colonialism, the colonial enterprise was a good faith effort to help less fortunate nations in Africa, Middle East, America and Asia. As an example, he stated that the Japanese were doing the Chinese a favor because as an Asian country ruling over another Asian country, Japan was a better alternative to the Europeans. In addition, he stated that because the Japanese had always borrowed from China in the past, the two cultures were similar and colonial rule simply kept Asia safe for the Asians. To what extent do you agree or disagree with these assessments? What justifications for decolonization can you provide to counter this writer?

Question 2. Although religious fundamentalism cuts across all religions, some people still see extremism only as an Islamic problem. What do you think and why? Your supporting evidence could be drawn from the entire course material.

Question 3. Throughout this course, we have seen that various people and nations have come together to solve vexing problems such as the right to self-determination, decolonization movements, communism, slavery, women's rights and genocide, etc. Identify any single global issue covered in Unit 8, discuss the problem, describe what historical attempts were made to resolve it and finally explain what you think could be done in the future regarding this problem. Is there any global consensus to address this issue?

Review the video:

Decolonization and Nationalism Triumphant: Crash Course World History #40

Nonviolence and Peace Movements: Crash Course World History 228

Democracy, Authoritarian Capitalism, and China: Crash Course World History 230


The central role of parents and families as partners in education is introduced and described in this Module. Specifically addressed is the evolution of how we as educators, both in general education and special education, have viewed and acted upon our relationships with the parents and families of our students. The rationale and evidence for teaming and partnering with families in all aspects of the positive behavior support process, including assessment, planning, intervention, and evaluation of effectiveness, are presented and ideas for successful home/school collaboration are included.

Candidates will identify the following school partners and have a "conversation" about effective classroom management strategies: student, teacher, administrator, counselor, parent. Incorporate information from the text into the conversation (determine questions to pose, question about a specific strategy, etc.).

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