Discrimination at workplace

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Jane works for Big Business, Inc., as a sales representative. The boss decides to fire her because she isn't a Mets fan. The boss can Shauna creates a Web site that sells shoes. Meagan chooses shoes, enters her credit card information, and purchases the shoes. She then receive an e-mail confirming the purchase. The Web site is programmed to perform these functions, and Shauna has no personal knowledge of the transaction. Shauna was on vacation at the time of the transaction and didn't personally approve it. She returns from vacation, checks the site, and discovers the transaction. Was a contract created?

Eric has gradually been losing his eyesight, which has adversely affected his work. When the boss fires Eric, she tells him that she's letting him go because he can't see anymore. Eric's discharge is Irene hires Mark to do work for her. In the course of performing that work, Mark causes injury to a third party. Which of the following statements is true?

Phil receives a job offer from Big Tech, Inc., in a letter that states, "If you leave your current position and join us, we will employ you for the next five years as our company expands." Phil takes the job, and he is fired after six months even though his work was satisfactory. If Phil sues and wins, the most likely reason is Sandy works as a clerk in Big Department Store. After she finishes work one day, she heads out to her car in the parking lot to drive home. There, she sees Petra, someone she detests. Sandy and Petra argue, and Sandy punches Petra in the nose, causing an injury. Which of the following statements is true?

Carl, a little person with dwarfism, applies for a job. He is told he won't be hired because he is a little person. Carl sues, claiming discrimination under the Civil Rights Act. Which of the following statements is true?

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Business Management: Discrimination at workplace
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