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  Different methods of governing steam turbines  

1) Write down the function of moving blades. Explain in detail.

2) Describe the essential difference between operation of impulse and reaction steam turbines?

3) Write down the different methods of governing steam turbines?

4) Describe how throttle is governing done?

5) Explain where nozzle control governing is used?

6) Where by-pass governing is more appropriate?

7) Write down the different losses in steam turbines.

8) The impulse turbine having the set of 16 nozzles receives steam at 20 bar, 400° C. Pressure of steam at exist is 12 bar. If total discharge Is 260 Kg/min and nozzle efficiency is 90%. Determine the cross sectional area of each nozzle, if steam has velocity of 80m/s at entry to the nozzle, determine the percentage Increase In discharge.

9) Dry saturated steam at a pressure of 8 bar enters convergent divergent nozzle and leaves it at a pressure 1.5 bar. If a flow isentropic and if corresponding index of expansion is 1.133, determine the ratio of 0.3 are at exit and throat for maximum discharge.

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