Differences in criteria of effectiveness

The purpose of this assignment is to examine similarities and differences in criteria of effectiveness for several familiar leadership roles.

Create a three- to four-page paper (excluding the title and reference pages)

• Identify the criteria by which the effectiveness of the following leaders might be evaluated: an assistant coach, a teacher, and a minister. Prioritize and explain the rationale for these criteria.

• Discuss the ethical issues or challenges associated with prioritization.

• Compare and contrast the extent to which there are unique or similar criteria across the different roles, and the extent to which the criteria are measurable. For example, some of the criteria you might identify for the role of assistant coach might include the team's win-loss record, player perceptions, team morale, etc.

Your paper should be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center, and it must include citations and references from the text and at least two scholarly sources from the Ashford University Library.

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