Difference between modernization and westernization


Globalization Era Assignment

Review the content on p. 14 - Modernization, Westernization, and Americanization. OR if you do not have your textbook yet - see the Modernization Westernization pdf.

AND then review the content of page 37 and 38 on the Globalization Era OR if you do have your textbook yet - see the Globalization era pdf below:

1. What do you think the difference between modernization and Westernization?

2. How do other countries view the USA (positives and negatives)? How do you think those views were/are formed?

3. How much international business should students have as part of their business education? Put a percentage on the extent of internationalm business content and justify it.

4. What is YOUR definition of Globalization?

Review Questions

1. Review the content on p. 28-30 - Explain the argument for standardize strategies and localized strategies.

2. review the Protectionist/anti-free trade arguments found on page 58-61. Select one of the arguments and explain your interpretation of the argument and if you feel it is a worthwhile argument.

3. Review the content on page 89 - Explain the Technology Transfer: Positive and Negative Effects.

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Business Law and Ethics: Difference between modernization and westernization
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