Did quantitative easing help economy since great recession


Post a two-paragraph essay and a video on Monetary Policy, by clicking on "Reply" at the end of this message. Please remember to include links to your two newspaper articles at the end of your essay, as well as a link to your favorite Youtube video on this topic (under 7 minutes). Due before class on the date mentioned in syllabus.

Paragraph 1: (6-8 sentences, 3-4 per article). Summarize two newspaper articles on Monetary Policy. Find two newspaper articles published in well-known newspapers or magazines (NYT, WSJ, Economist, Bloomberg Businessweek etc). You can use "Newspaper Articles" tab on left side of this page to find the two articles. You can also google a keyword that is either the name of the topic or a word that you choose from the two questions. Make sure that you have facts, numbers, quotes etc. to share with class.

Paragraph 2: (6-8 sentences, 3-4 per question). Write a paragraph of your response to the following two questions. You won't read this paragraph in class, but you want to remember your opinion, because your participation in class discussion affects your dicussion grade.

First Question: Did Quantitative Easing help the economy since the Great Recession?

Second Question: Should we go back to the Gold Standard?

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Microeconomics: Did quantitative easing help economy since great recession
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