Develop an introduction on background of leadership approach


In this assignment, you will complete a literature review of current leadership approaches being utilized in the field.


For this assignment, you will conduct a literature review of the leadership approaches discussed in this course. These leadership approaches include traits, skills, style, and situational approaches to leadership. You will analyze and synthesize the material on the leadership approaches and compose a 6- to 8-page review of the literature.

1. Choose at least three articles from the reading list for this course, plus four articles from the University Library databases that focus on the leadership approaches. Your sources should generally be no more than 5 years old and should discuss some aspects of leadership approaches discussed in the course.

2. Develop an introduction on the background of each leadership approach and the purpose of the chosen article.

3. Analyze all articles and describe the key themes that emerge across the seven selected articles.

4. Synthesize the material and summarize the patterns of similarities and differences regarding how each of the authors has presented on each leadership approach.

5. Based on your analysis of the literature, conclude by recommending a specific leadership approach you feel would be most effective for managing ethical behavior at your chosen organization. Be sure to justify your choice.

The purpose of this literature review is for you to practice:

• critically reading and understanding the articles and how to tie the concepts together.

• synthesizing the various concepts and results of the review.

• writing a collective analysis of the articles that will help you address the topic of the final assignment.

Your final product will be a Word document, approximately 6-8 pages long. Make sure you write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; and display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation.

3 of the references to use

Golla, E. & Johnson, R. (2013). The relationship between transformational and transactional leadership styles and innovation commitment and output at Commercial software companies. The Business Review, Cambridge , 21(1), 337.

Lee, J., Almanza, B., Jang, S.,Nelson, D., & Ghiselli, R. (2013) Does transformational leadership style influence employees' attitudes toward food safety practices? International Journal of Hospitality Management (33), 282-293.

López-Domínguez, M., Enache, M., Sallan, J.,& Simo, P. (2013). Transformational leadership as an antecedent of change-oriented organizational citizenship behavior. Journal of Business Research, 66(10), 2147.

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Business Management: Develop an introduction on background of leadership approach
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