Develop a set of questions to be asked during an interview


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For this assignment students develop a set of questions to be asked during an interview of a professional in the field of psychology. Interview questions must be submitted for professor review and approval and for dialog on the Week 3 Forum of the course. The interview cannot be conducted before questions have been approved. Questions should inquire about the interviewee's job responsibilities; academic preparation for entry into the field including course work and practical hands-on training, on-the-job training and experience; continuing education and licensing requirements; courses they would recommend taking; satisfaction with the job, pay range and work environment; work/home life balance, how to avoid "burn-out" and recommendations the interviewee would make to anyone considering entering the field.

The interview must be concluded and a paper including each question with a summary of the professional's answers (these need not be quoted verbatim but can be paraphrased) and two to three substantive paragraphs at the end describing what the student learned during the interview must be submitted by the end of Week 7 of the course. The lists of career opportunities and professional organizations above are good resources when choosing a professional to interview. Interviews may be conducted on site or on the phone. The student must send to the potential interviewee a respectful and professional inquiry about the possibility of an interview. This is the only assignment requiring off-line work. Online asynchronous (e.g. e-mail) or synchronous (e.g. IM or Chat) interviews are not acceptable for this assignment. A brief letter of documentation from the interviewee indicating that the interview was conducted over the phone or in-person must be submitted via e-mail-this must be sent directly by the interviewee to the course instructor and not forwarded by the student. This paper must be in compliance with university academic standards and formatting rules of the American Psychological Association (APA). Interviewee answers should be inserted under each respective question, the latter of which should be in bold font to distinguish answers from questions. You will need to have a Properly formatted Title Page, an Abstract and a References List at the end with

the interviewee cited as a personal communication. This should be your only reference on the Reference page because you are writing about an in-person interview rather than constructing an essay paper.

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