Develop a marketing strategy for your packaged ice that

Assignment: Marketing Strategy

Your company just acquired another company that manufactures and sells packaged ice. Traditionally the company has sold in bulk to industrial users. You want to sell to consumers.

Develop a marketing strategy for your packaged ice that includes a market penetration strategy, market development strategy, and the value proposition.

Provide a 2-3 page (APA formatted and citation styled) marketing strategy plan paper with at least three supporting scholarly references (no use of Wikipedia) that address this Assignment. You should include at least one illustration which can be included in the body of your paper or in an appendix.

Assignment: Business Letter

In this Assignment, you will prepare a business letter to share your advice to a client. You will explain complex financial data and discuss the cause and effect of select accounting transactions has on cash balances.

This Assignment will assess your knowledge based on the following outcome: Demonstrate college-level communication through the composition of original materials in Standard American English.

Read the following scenario:

The Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of a company is asking for your advice. The CFO explains sales are increasing but there is a constant matter of not having enough cash to meet payroll or pay vendors within 30 days.

Prepare a business letter to the CFO to explain,

1. Why cash can go down even when sales are up; refer to "receivables."

2. Which three accounts should the CFO review each day and why? Focus on short-term balance sheet accounts, i.e., "receivables and payables." The following is a general structure for informational business letters; however, this is not a template, and modifications may be necessary for composing this type of letter.

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Marketing Management: Develop a marketing strategy for your packaged ice that
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