Develop a business solution for sti challenges face


1. Develop a business solution for STI that addresses all of the challenges they face. Indicate any assumptions you are making that are not directly addressed by the case.

Several key components come into effect for STI and its potential 150 small business owners.

1. There are a large number of consultants that will need to use the training module. The training will have to be portable or available online.

2. The material must be consistent throughout all consultants to demonstrate a fair, equal, and reputable business. A Programmed Instruction program might be able to accommodate all basic business functions when trying to develop scientific ideas into practical business operations.

3. Most businesses will be distributed across the country, which makes it hard for a centrally located unit to train all small businesses. E-learning through the web will enhance productivity, and cut costs.

4. Customized learning must be available to small businesses. With the PI as the basic delivery of information, the consultant would also be available for private questioning.

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HR Management: Develop a business solution for sti challenges face
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