Determining the manufacturers transportation products


Scenario: You are a project manager for a company that manufacturers transportation products that corm to uniques customer specification. The company's production staffing is: 1 designer, 3 electrical technicians, and 4 mechanical fabricators. The company has the following core competencies: design, frame fabrication, metal fabrication, and electrical harness fabrication. A meeting with a proposed customer has brought a developed a list of requested items. (touring cycle configuration [similar to Honda Goldwing], halogen light package, Harley-Davidson 1800cc engine, custom seat [dual independent seats with customer specified leather embossing], customer approved wheel design, stereo with AM/FM/Weather/Bluetooth with front/rear speakers. side and rear luggage compartments, extra wide rear tire, dual headlights). The customer has indicated that the product is needed prior to the next Sturgis Motorcycle Rally.

The customer has accepted the project scope. Create an activity listing with estimated durations and assigned resources. Note any activities that need to be outsourced. (use a microsoft project file)

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Marketing Management: Determining the manufacturers transportation products
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