Determines public policy and who makes policy

Essay Assignment: The Importance Of The Black Vote


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Voting is supreme in a representative democracy. More than wealth, voting is powerful. The power of the vote is simple. It determines public policy and who makes policy.

Understanding the power of voting, the majority has systematically and historically denied minorities and females the right to vote. Although, enfranchisement for all eligible American citizens is the law, 21st century anti-voting tactics include identification requirements and no Sunday voting. In Georgia, many eligible voters have been purged from electoral (voting) rolls because they do not have a driver's license.

The presidential elections of 2000 and 2016, where the candidates winning the popular vote did not win the Electoral College, have engendered voter apathy. Resulting in many citizens feeling their vote does not matter.

Turnout will be the number one determinant of what candidate wins an election on November 6, 2018. Interestingly, regardless of what race/political contest in what location, turnout is paramount.

Some political observers have labeled the "black" vote as unreliable. Others have labeled it essential. After viewing and reading articles on the websites below, in not more than three paragraphs, respond to the following statement. Explain the potential impact of the black vote on the 2018 midterm elections.

The response should include a reference list. Double-space, using Times New Roman 12 pnt font, one-inch margins, and APA style of writing and citations.

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Marketing Management: Determines public policy and who makes policy
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