Determine three new strategies that pepsico is actually

1. Complete Assurance of Learning Exercise 5C, Steps 1-2, on textbook page 160. (Note: In addition to the resources listed in Step 1, you may use additional resources that may benefit you in this exercise.)

Place the results of the exercise(s) in a single document and submit it via the link provided. Include your name, class, section number, and the number of the exercise(s) on the attachment (e.g.: 1B, Step 3). Be sure that the assignment is in a business-professional format; include current APA citing and referencing.

instructions: 1. Go to website and click on Media and then Click on Press Releases. Read Through the most recent 20 press releases.

2. Determine three new strategies that PepsiCo is actually pursuing. Identify three proposed strategies taht you feel would be excellenct for PepsiCo to pursue. Give a rationale for each of your proposed strategies.

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Strategic Management: Determine three new strategies that pepsico is actually
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