Determination of the annuity factor

With the following statistics make calculations and analysis. Giving attention to determination of the annuity factor.

Transitional fund needed - $30,000

100% needed of the present take home pay which is $72,000 + $36,000 after 2 years. Tax rate is 30%

Survivors benefits, including monies for kids are $2500

Current investments have yielded a real return of 3%

Educational cost is estimated to be $60,000 per Kid (2 kids)

retirement fund annual amount $40,000 for 20 years = $800,000

Emergency fund = 10,000

Life insurance policies - $50,000 each ( husband and wife)

Investments = $60,000

Tangible goods = 100,00

In addition if the husband dies tomorrow (pay $72000) how much would the family need in its family maintenance fund. Using the "need" approach. Explain the rationale. Explain the total specialized fund and explain the rationale.

Now reflect upon the analysis and create a PPP that demonstrates the gap the family will have in insurance protection. Suggest alternatives for closing that gap.

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Finance Basics: Determination of the annuity factor
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