Designing distributed and internet systems


"Designing Distributed and Internet Systems".

Businesses and organizations are focusing on developing Internet systems to provide value to their customers and staff. There are many software technologies available to internet systems development teams including;

SOAP, HTML, JSON, XML, CSS, ASP.NET, Objective C, php, JAVA, Python, Ruby, AJAX, Swift, AngularJS, Bootstrap, jQuery, R, and many more.

Choose an option below to complete this assignment:

Option One:

Write a 4 page paper that compares and contrasts at least three Internet systems development software technologies.

  • Explain why an Internet systems developer might choose one technology over another technology.
  • Explain how these technologies can bring value to the business or organization.
  • Incorporate additional research or academic information to support your paper.
  • Format your paper according to APA guidelines.


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