Description of management efforts toward global expansion


Post your response to the following:

1. Provide a succinct and relevant description of the company you selected and its management's efforts toward global expansion. Include a summary of the adjustments that the company made to its domestic business model to support global expansion. Include:

  • The value discipline your selected company used for global expansion
  • The set of customers your selected company targeted for global expansion

2. Provide your evaluation of whether or not the adjustments made to the business model were effective.

3. Based on your evaluation, provide one of the following:

  • A recommendation of at least one adjustment to the business model that you think should have been made that would have improved the company's effectiveness in competing in global markets
  • An adjustment the company made that should not have been pursued

APA format. Minimum 3 paragraphs

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Business Management: Description of management efforts toward global expansion
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