Describe the service offered

This project involves examining and blueprinting the organization's front stage and back stage operations, interviewing the service manager (or owner) and at least one employee, and developing specific recommendations to improve service delivery or quality. You will use the service blueprinting technique as that we discussed in class and in your textbook.

The report should contain the following key items:
A-Identify the Company (organization) and its Service
B-Describe and categorize the service offered
C-Position the intensity of contact service encounters
D-Identify the presence of 3 stages of service encounter

Explanation for A,B,C and D
The prof requested to interview organization and asked them about part A,B,C and D I chose home health care services, I went there and I interviewed them and I got all the answers so you will use the question and the answers and apply it to chapter from my book (I will upload the chapter )

A-Identify the Company (organization) and its Service
B-Describe and categorize the service offered
( you have to write Part A and B from their website this is the link for their site
Also use their employee answers because I interviewed her and I asked her about part A and B )

Here are the question regarding part A and B thant been ask in the interview

*Question 1: Describe the service offered?
Employee answer: We provide quality home support services to seniors, those recovering from an injury, recuperating after a surgery, or the physically or mentally challenged. Everything from light housekeeping, personal care, assistance with exercises, and meal preparation are a part of our services.

*Question 2: Besides the core service of client care, what other services are offered?
Employee answer: In certain situations, we assist clients with errands, groceries, transportation to appointments, companionship, and even relief for family members.

*Question 3: What exactly does your home health care service involve?
Employee answer: Doing what we can to ensure seniors can safely remain in their home for as long as possible. Allowing them to retain their independence, while assisting them with their activities of daily living.

*Question 4: Can you differentiate the services you offer?
Employee answer: We offer home support services (assistance with home care), personal support services (assistance with personal care for the client), Errands/Appointments, and sitting services (being with a client to relive family)

C-Position the intensity of contact service encounters

Explanation for Section C - The Intensity of Contact Encounters deals with the degree of interaction with customers at key points of service delivery. Example, in the Banking industry, use of an ATM for routine money withdrawals is low intensity because it uses self-service technology. As compared to Mortgage or Loan approvals, there are meetings, interviews, much assessment of customer situations and resources and finally approval of the request; this would be high intensity with the customer.

Here are the question regarding part C that been ask in the interview

*Question 1: Are all the services you offer high contact (meaning always interacting with client)?
Employee answer: Almost always our services involve interacting with the client. In some situations (mainly when a client is palliative) we are simply to be at their side, should a medical need arise we would simply alert the proper medical personnel.

D-Identify the presence of 3 stages of service encounter

Explanation for Section D - The three stages refers to the Pre-purchase Stage, Purchase Encounter Stage, and Post-Purchase Stage. You should think about your service company and describe what is happening in each stage of their processes. and what needs to happen to move ahead to each next stage from the previous stage.

*Question 1: What does your pre-purchase stage involve (before home care worker goes to client)?
Employee answer: The initial step to acquiring home care services begins with an in home assessment. Myself, the branch manager, will go to the clients to collect their information to create their care plan, give them the necessary information, and have paperwork signed.

Question 2: How do clients hear about your company?
Employee answer: We do marketing in our local communities, by administering calendars, brochures, and business cards in high senior populated locations. We also advertise on the internet and have a TV commercial.

Question 3: What differentiate you from other home care service providers?
Employee answer: I can't say exactly what makes our services different than others, but we always offer the highest level of integrity when we are dealing with our clientele. We keep in constant contact with them regarding changes, and keep their families involved in the care as well. We have a very hands on approach when ensuring our services are optimal.

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